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Margaret Provost
Enrollment Coordinator

Voice/TDD: 609-530-3156

FAX: 609-530-5791

It's easy. Pick-up the phone and call 609-530-3156 (Voice or TDD) at Katzenbach and ask for Margaret Provost, the Katzenbach Campus Enrollment Coordinator.  Margaret can answer your questions and start the application procedure.

Katzenbach offers a variety of programs for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing students from birth to twenty-one in a least restrictive environment. Special programming  is available for children with cochlear implants through the KOALA KLUB. For children who need additional support, specialized programming is designed for students with multiple disabilities through the IEP process.  In addition, we have the BSP Program for students with emotional disturbances. Boarding opportunities are available for four nights a week in each school department. The school draws students from the entire state of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. 

The school provides small classes, Deaf role models and cultural experiences for all ages, vocational classes, an after-school learning center, a seasonal sportís program, and age appropriate social activities. The school provides the students an environment where communication is free and natural with age and level appropriate peers.  Audiological and Speech Services are also available to all students. 

Students, parents, and guardians and Child Study Teams (CST) are welcome to come and visit the lovely 112-acre campus, participate in classes, activities and meet the highly qualified staff. Donít be shy, everyone signs.  If you do not know Sign language we will provide an interpreter for you.  Be prepared to answer the students' questions: Name? How old? Grade? Sign? 

Parents or guardians need to alert their Child Study Team of their interest in a change of placement for their child. It is the childís case managerís responsibility to complete an application and send records. The Enrollment Department needs all the basic paperwork for a classified student: Classification Conference Report, Child Study Team Evaluations, Audiometric Data, a current IEP and immunization records. 

Once all the information is reviewed, an invitation is made to the student to attend Katzenbach for a trial period of one or two weeks.  This enables the student to experience our classroom routine and campus life. Staff uses this time to determine the most appropriate program to offer the student.  If everything goes well, the student, with the district Child Study Teamís support, can become a full time student within a short period of time, usually as soon as transportation is arranged.

Katzenbach offers an innovative, technological and varied educational program, which meets New Jerseyís Core Curriculum Content Standards. Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate fully in their childís education by visiting the classroom or after school activities.  They can join the parent organization, Katzenbach Parent and Staff Organization (KPSO), and can participate in the Katzenbach Parent and Staff  Educational Foundation, Inc. (KPSEF). 

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