Katzenbach Parents & Staff Educational Foundation, Inc.
“The need and right to communicate is the most fundamental of human rights.  To deny it is to harm the human spirit.  To foster communication is to reveal all the possibilities of life.”
- Lawrence Siegel, J.D.
triangle.gif (1928 bytes)Elementary School Playground here

Thank you to the individuals, clubs, and groups that contributed to the successful moving of our playground!

Click here for a list of our very generous contributors!

The playground, named "Cynde's Place" was dedicated to staff member, Cynde Vitelli, who passed away.  Cynde's love for our children will be forever remembered in the smiles of our children enjoying their more

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KPSEF Grants and Projects
Restricted and Unrestricted Funds

Outdoor Classroom - under construction

Technology for Wireless Access

"See the Sound Visual Phonics" Workshop
National Deaf Education Center

Summer Program

AED's in Four locations on campus

6 Smart Boards
Replacement and New Locations

3 Document Cameras

2 Scanners

Lockers for Middle School Students

Technology Upgrades to the Nursery School

Language Development Workshop
Gallaudet University

Curriculum Enhancement Technology and Materials

Flow Through Funding

Scholarship for High School Student
Sorenson Grants for Equipment
Bristol Meyers Squibb - Academic Bowl Support
New Jersey
Manufacturers - Outdoor Classroom

The KPSEF is organized and operated exclusively for the purpose of encouraging, soliciting, seeking and accepting contributions of money, grants, endowments, and property, real and personal, tangible and intangible, and to maintain, use and apply the property to or for the benefit of charitable organizations or educational facilities whose purpose is to benefit Deaf children.