Itinerant Support Services

Katzenbach offers itinerant support services to school districts and various agencies to improve the quality of services to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children throughout New Jersey. The fee is determined by the type and length of the service.

We are an emerging program with a focus on developing a role to assist school districts in providing appropriate programs and services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children. 

Students with hearing loss require educational, environmental, and technical support to be successful learners in an inclusive setting. Katzenbach provides these supports through utilizing certified Teachers of the Deaf with experience in the unique communication needs of students with hearing loss. Itinerant services are provided to these students, ages three to twenty-one.

Training and workshops are available to the instructional staff, Child Study Team members, students, families, and district personnel.

In addition to Itinerant services, the offices of the Specialized Child Study Team for Children with Hearing Impairments (SCST) are located on the Katzenbach campus. The Specialized Child Study Teams have been established through the cooperative efforts of the Office of Special Education, the Office of Direct Services and the Katzenbach School for the Deaf, all within the New Jersey Department of Education. The teams are supported by a combination of fees for services and funds from the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, Part-B. For more information on the SCST or to request a referral packet, contact:

Margaret Provost - Enrollment Coordinator

Telephone: Voice/TDD: 609-530-3156

FAX: 609-530-5791