Student Health Center

If your child has had a physical within one year of enrollment, you must provide that information to the Health Center before your child can start school. A physical form can be provided for you to take to your doctor. Please contact the Health Center.

 It is our belief that a child performs best in school when his body is functioning at its optimum level.
The total health of the child becomes the single most important factoring preparing him for the future.

 Four registered nurses staff the Katzenbach Health Center. The Health Center is centrally located
on campus and is available for first aid treatment of students 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

 Paula Daniels Sue Reichenbach, and Carla Grover provide round-the-clock coverage of the Student
Health Center when students are present.  Deborah Herbe will be the on-call substitute.


 Required Immunizations

 The State of New Jersey requires that students entering all schools comply with regulations concerning immunizations:

 1. DPT (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus) or DT - Each pupil shall have received four doses (one dose to be administered on or after the fourth birthday).

 2. Polio- Each pupil shall have received at least 3 doses (one dose to be administered on or after the fourth birthday).

 3. MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) - one dose on or after the first birthday second dose of measles containing vaccine to be given after a minimum of one month.

 4. Mumps - one dose administered on or after the first birthday or proof of the disease.

 5. Hepatitis B - three doses required by all students.


Contagious Disease

A child may be excluded from school due to contagious disease by the school nurse. Any contagious disease requires a physician’s note to return to school. This note should state that he/she is no longer contagious and may resume school activities.

 · Head lice and nits must be treated with a special shampoo and all nits (eggs) must be removed. 

· Tinea (ringworm), a contagious fungus skin condition, may be treated by oral and topical (cream or ointment) medications. A physician’s note at the end of treatment is required and also, a re-admission note.

 The school nurse will check all students returning to school after a contagious disease.


Summer Health Appraisal Update Form
We must have this form returned at the beginning of each school year
in order to administer care at the Health Center.

This form is sent to your home in August. It must be completed and returned to the Health Center promptly. This information is vital in caring for your child in case of illness or injury. 

Your signature is needed on this form each year so that the following can be performed:

1.        Intradermal test for tuberculosis (Mantoux). This test is given when indicated by State Law.

 2.        Annual School physical exam by the school Doctor.

 3.        Treatment in the Health Center.

 4.        Emergency Treatment in the hospital emergency room, medical facility and doctor’s office (including medications, x-rays, and tetanus toxoid if necessary).


Physical Education

 Physical education is required in all N.J. schools. If illness or injury prevents your child from participating, for more than three days, a written doctor’s excuse is required. (The Health Center will accept a parent’s written excuse up to three days.) If illness or injury prevents your child from participating for more than three days, a written doctor’s excuse is required. The nurse may also excuse a child from gym for up to three days. Physical education limitations or restrictions should be noted each year by your physician. If your child must be excused from gym for an extended period, a physician’s note to resume gym activity is required.
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Katzenbach Wellness Policy

The Katzenbach School for the Deaf (MKSD), also referred to as the New Jersey School for the Deaf, recognizes that proper nutrition and physical activity are essential for students to maximize their full academic potential, reach their physical and mental potentials, and achieve overall lifelong health and well-being.  As such, the  district assumes a responsible approach to nutrition and physical activity that promotes healthy weight maintenance and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, including asthma, hypertension, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

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